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Omake Story
Omake 1
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The Cursed Lamp

Omake Story is the 1st omake of Tarako Kotobuki's Sex Pistols.

A young boy recently discovers his new ability to see people as humanoid animals and exposes their sexual desire.


After a big fight between Kunimasa and Teruhiko over who should date Norio. Norio finally side with Kunimasa, but didn't accept everything he learns. He decided to go home and was completely surprise when he find Kunimasa eating dinner with his parents. He was shock to see how he was a completely different person to them, since his parents find him likable and polite, unlike how he act toward him. He went to his room and started crying onto his pillow, since he was completely mad at the situation he is in. Meanwhile, Kunimasa start thinking somthing happen early which cause him to get upset about his grade being lower than Yonekuni. He then cause Norio's parents to become worry by his sudden switch of emotion.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


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