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Origin Madararui
Species Tengu Tengu
Seed Heavy
Gender Male
Personal Status
Occupation Prince of Saudi Arabia
Nationality Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Flag of France France

Citizenship Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Partner Salam (1st husband)

Haigashira Wakaba
(2nd husband)

Relative(s) Unnamed children (offspring)

Suzume (son)
Angela (half-sister)
Zahel (half-brother)

Manga Debut Animal 21



Because oh his noble origin, Seth was raised to became a leader, with a cold heartes, mean, calculating and cruel side that he shows to the world, someone powerful that can handle everything and that is better to stay away and not mess with. That is his famous dark side.

But actually, he has a soft and warn side that he only shows to the one he cares or like, and in fact, that was the side he first showed to Wakaba. Ironically, Wakaba is the only one who knows his selfish, spoiled and childish side, after all he always keeps a elegant face with everyone, even his first husband Sal.


General Story Line

Seth is the last one from the winged clan, but unfortunaltely he was born with a deformed soul, which he actually considers a shame and have a inferiority complex about it.

His clan was originally a clan of Tengu's (or angel's in France), but with time, the number of snakes or the Jyanome's in the clan surpassed the already rare winged ones.

Seth used the fact that Wakaba was a bat as excuse to have approched him, and later revealed that he already knew that Wakaba wasn't a dog like he claimed to be. He also said that the inferior bat was a disgusting race, and that he felt ashamed that he had to go to that extent to help his race survive. Obviously was just a mean things he said to look like the bad guy (even there some part that my be true...)




  • In Hebrew, Seth mean "placed or appointed."

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