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Teruhiko & Joshua Round I
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Chapter 8 - 9


Episode 2

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After being dumped by his forever crush Norio, Teruhiko's grandmother set up a breeding with a foreigner for him. And even though he is against it, Teruhiko doens't have a saying in the matter, and even worse he is supposed to be the female. Depressed he reveals everything to Norio, who keeps being his good friend, and together (more like only Norio) they came up with a plan of refusing the breeding session by showing to the guy that they were a couple.

At the meeting place, the plan is obviously crushed by the foreigner Joshua McBear, the guy hired for the breeding, Norio is taken out of the place and Teruhiko is practically raped all night long. When Teruhiko wakes up, Joshua attitude is totally different from last night, making his heart go wild, and for the following three day, all day all night they kept having sex. But then Teruhiko gets worried about his garden in the school after seeing his email sent by Norio, unfortunately, Joshua interpret the wishes of Teruhiko to go to the school as a way to go see his "lover", Norio.

Pissed, Joshua enter the school and seek out Norio to compete for Teruhiko's attention, and to make everything worse, Kunimasa mistook the challenge as Joshua trying to steal Norio and both of then start fighting and they are sent to the hospital. While all that happent, Teruhiko was at the hotel panicking that Joshua had disappeared, not knowing about his whereabouts untill the hospital called them.

Teruhiko and the butler arrived at the very middle of the lawyers fight, angry, Kunimasa grabbed Teruhiko only to be hit by Joshua, panicked Teruhiko seeked Norio for explanation. After understanding the situation, Teruhiko tells the truth about Norio to Joshua, only to have Joshua confessing his long lived love for him.


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