Evolution of Man Edit

In the world of Sex Pistols, we are creatures that descended from monkeys instead of having a class of our own. The mammal class have a lot of categories and subcategories. Humans are a suborder of Anthropoidea under the order of Primates. The order of Primates are also called The Order of Monkeys.

Throughout generations, The Order of Monkeys has gone into a more complex and sophisticated evolution and became Homonidae. However, unlike what we are lead to believe, some human DNA also posseses genes of other Order and it lies in dormant. There came a time that those people had an awakening and man was divided into two kinds.

Classes of Man Edit

Aspect Comparison Edit

Kakuen Edit

Lives and behaves normally. They cannot see, distinguish nor sense the Soul's appearance. Some perhaps could sense it in a minimal degree but generally in their brains, the existence of the Madararui and the supernatural characteristics that it had were simply passed by and forgotten. So in other words, ape-men do not consciously know that there is another type of human being that lives among them.

Madararui Edit

The main feature that differentiates a Madararui from Kakuen is their ability to see the soul appearance. In addition, they have a few special abilities that is usually linked in the animal (or animals) that they are representing. The breed is passed by genetically and the percentage of the representing breed from both of the parents were recognized through the person's behaviour and characteristics. (see Breeding for more)

Soul Appearance Edit


Depiction of a man. KonGen (left) and Outer Body (right)

Or literally, Kon Gen in Nihongo. All men has a physical appearance and an illustration of it's core, which is the Soul Appearance. But in contrast to Kakuen which is homogenous, Madararui has various forms of kongen. The Soul Appearance is just mostly contained inside the physical body but under heightened feelings or strong emotions it can manifest in the physical body in various degrees.

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